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As the commercial hub of the southern half of the island, Vieux Fort presents a microcosm of the island???s people and culture. Its vibrant and colorful produce market spills unto the sidewalks of its main streets. Saturdays when rural folk join city folk to shop and entertain themselves, the town buzzes with excitement and activity. Karaoke bars, Country and Western dance parties, and popular Caribbean music nightspots keep partygoers entertained far into the night.

At Vieux Fort???s Caribbean waterfront sits an elaborate fishery complex where seagulls in search of an easy meal hover overhead, and where sunlight reflects off the colourful fleet of fishing boats ??? with names like Wave Dancer, God???s First Gift Is Life, and Son of Sun ??? that is largely responsible for making the town the fishing capital of St. Lucia. Stay a few minutes at the complex and bear witness to the fish-laden boats as they return home from their fishing expeditions.

Along Commercial Street, Vieux Fort???s French Creole architecture is on display, including the Old Plantation House, a century-old wooden building, once an upper-middle class home but now a Creole restaurant. The Old Plantation House comes with an attic that overlooks a courtyard interspersed with popular St. Lucian fruit trees. On the main floor, artifacts are on display that speak of Vieux Fort and St. Lucian history. Most of the traditional St. Lucian creole dishes, cooked on coal-pots as in the olden days, are on offer at the Old Plantation House. Dining is in the open courtyard where history, culture, nature, and cuisine come together.

On the outskirts of Vieux Fort lies Baron Foods, a food processing plant whose spices, seasonings, and fruit juices are exported throughout the world. If you were to visit Baron Foods, don???t leave without a souvenir basket of the company???s spices and seasonings because it is our recommended first step to developing your St. Lucian and Caribbean culinary skills.

A few minutes up road from Baron Foods is The Windward and Leeward Brewery, producers of the famous Piton Beer, named after the even more famous St. Lucian World Heritage twin peaks. Specifically brewed to the taste of the St. Lucian palate, the Piton has now caught the fancy of locals and visitors alike.

Vieux Fort along with its hinterlands is a bastion of St. Lucian culture. Not only is the town a hotbed of reggae music, but violist Rameau Poleon, a resident of Belvue, a rural hamlet in Vieux Fort North, is considered the best folk musician the island has produced, and Monty Maxwell who hails from the heart of the town is one of St. Lucia???s best jazz musicians. Both Monty and Rameau are regular fixtures of the St. Lucia Jazz Festival, held first two weeks in May.

Jako Productions, an entertainment and cultural establishment that publishes books and magazines, produces music and film, and stages musical, literary and other cultural events, is perhaps the best embodiment of Vieux Fort???s creative and cultural spirit. A visit to Jako Productions will give you the opportunity to purchase some of these products and delve more deeply into St. Lucian history and culture.

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Life & Culture
As the commercial hub of the southern half of the island, Vieux Fort presents a microcosm of the island's people and culture.
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Vieux Fort occupies a special place in St. Lucian history. It represents one of the island's oldest settlements and it was the point of the first recorded European landing on the island.
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