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Surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and on the fourth side by distant mountains, Vieux Fort is an untamed land of wide open spaces, salt-laden Atlantic breezes that act as a natural air-conditioner, and seemingly non-ending white sandy beaches. With its wide open spaces, its leisurely tempo, its hordes of uninhibited animals grazing freely on its pastures, and with Moule-A-Chique, a bold peninsula at its southern tip, Vieux Fort sometimes gives the impression that it is St. Lucia???s last frontier.

Maria Islands
Maria Islands

As a vacation spot, Vieux Fort has a lot going for it. It is home to the island???s only international airport, so upon arrival you would be at most 10 minutes from your accommodation. Vieux Fort???s Atlantic coast is home to Pointe Sable Beach, the longest uninterrupted sandy beach on the island. Clothed in a colony of sea-grape, sea-almond, and coconut palms, Pointe Sable is the very image of paradise. At its northern end lies the island???s largest expanse of mangrove forest. Less than a mile offshore sits the lush and picturesque Maria Islets Nature Reserve, a nesting ground for migratory birds and home to St. Lucia's unique specie of whiptail lizard. At its southern end, Pointe Sable gives way to the 750 feet Moule-a-Chique peninsula, the tallest point on the Vieux Fort landscape, and the southernmost point on the island. On top of the Moule-a-chique stands the second tallest lighthouse in the world, providing ships safe passage.

Light House at Moule-a-chique, Vieux Fort
Light House at Moule-a-chique, Vieux Fort

The view on top of Moule-a-Chique is probably the most spectacular view the island has to offer. From this vantage point the seascape and landscape disrobe their beauty. The plains of Vieux Fort, the confluence of the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, The Marie Islets sitting untamed in the Atlantic Ocean, the endless stretch of Point Sable Beach, the low lying hills that form Vieux Fort???s hinterland, and beyond these hills the Pitons, Mount Gimie, and the island???s central mountain range, the town of Vieux Fort and its Caribbean waterfront, the full lay of the international airport.

Windsurfing -

Thanks to the ever present trade winds, Pointe Sable Beach offers the best windsurfing on the island. And to ensure this great resource doesn???t go to waste, The Reef Kite and Board Center, a certified windsurf establishment, provides kitesurfing courses and all the water sports equipment you would need including North rigs and Mistral windsurfing boards and North kites and boards.

Besides bathing, picnicking, watersports, and sightseeing, Point Sable Beach is also popular for horseback riding.

Kiteboarding -

If all of this ??? Vieux Fort???s cultural, historical, water sports and scenic attractions ??? didn???t tick your fancy, then wait, all is not lost, for Vieux Fort is in close proximity to many other attractions.To the west, the Bay and Village of Laborie along with the Rudy John Recreational Beach Park, a secluded bathing spot and a host of the St. Lucia Jazz Festival, is only ten minutes away. Soufriere, perhaps St. Lucia=s most picturesque district, along with its many nature attractions, including a drive in valcano, the awe-inspiring Pitons, sulpur spring mineral baths, botanical gardens, spectacular waterfalls, whale watching tours, and the best scuba diving spot on the island, is only 25 minutes away. To the east, Latille Falls, Mamiku Botanical Gardens, Des Cartiers Rainforest and trails are less than 30 minutes away.

Natural Beauty & Attractions
Surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and on the fourth side by distant mountains, Vieux Fort is an untamed land ..
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Life & Culture
As the commercial hub of the southern half of the island, Vieux Fort presents a microcosm of the island's people and culture.
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Vieux Fort occupies a special place in St. Lucian history. It represents one of the island's oldest settlements and it was the point of the first recorded European landing on the island.
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Adventure or Relaxation?
A number of tours and excursions are available for your enjoyment.
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