Unfortunately, Cedar Palm Villa, located on the Saint Jude's Highway, is unable to accommodate your stay this year.

CITY VIEW GUEST COTTAGE, a more urban dwelling located within the town center, is available for bookings.

D' COUNTRY CABIN, a rustic escape located in the coastal community of Mon Repos on the East Highway, is also available for bookings.

QR Quality Rooms offers an affordable, relaxed vacation in the scenic, coastal town of Vieux Fort, rich in history, culture and natural beauty.

You can relax at our City View Guest Cottage near downtown Vieux Fort and experience firsthand the urban life and culture of St. Lucia. Or you can get getaway to our Cedar Palm Villa and enjoy the tranquility and seclusion of suburban life.

As a vacation spot, Vieux Fort is a well kept secret. It has all the scenic beauty, modern amenities, recreational activities, history and culture to make your stay as interesting, fun-filled and relaxing as desired but without the touristic congestion of some other parts of the island.

A rained-out vacation is unheard of in Vieux Fort because the town represents one of the most sun-drenched parts of the island. Vieux Fort offers an authentic, unspoilt Caribbean experience.

If you are visiting St.lucia, or just planning an excursion to the south of the island, make QR Quality Rooms your first choice.

Natural Beauty & Attractions
Surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and on the fourth side by distant mountains, Vieux Fort is an untamed land ..
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Life & Culture
As the commercial hub of the southern half of the island, Vieux Fort presents a microcosm of the island's people and culture.
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Vieux Fort occupies a special place in St. Lucian history. It represents one of the island's oldest settlements and it was the point of the first recorded European landing on the island.
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Adventure or Relaxation?
A number of tours and excursions are available for your enjoyment.
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